Enabling Digital Dentistry gave contribute  to survey 'Horizon Europe Co-design 2021-2024' with our vision.

Horizon Europe framework programme should focus on health in particular dentistry care with huge impact for citizens . I suggest a new digital workflow able to produce more biocompatibility and less expensive dental prothesis with CAD CAM CAE 3D PRINT algorithms of modeling, analysis and simulation forecast medical model with engineering methods that enable to optimize digital workflow with a hardware like scanner and 3d print , particolary scaffold bio 3D printed using IoT and IA with deep and machine learning,

      1. Enabling Digital Dentistry  è il risultato di anni di ricerca in campo medicale e dentale  con applicazioni e software specialistici innovativi , diventando partner tecnologico e commerciale di software house e produttori internazionali world leader in ambito CAD-CAM-CAE-3D PRINT. Enabling soddisfa il bisogno di digitale con semplicità e accuratezza proponendo servizi e prodotti di elevato livello  con assistenza e formazione.  
      2. Enabling offre un Service di Stampa medicale e promuove Corsi di alta Formazione rivolti a Medici -Dentisti- Odontotecnici- Bioingegneri.                                                                                                          Enabling is digital innovation in medical and dental applications. EDUCATIONAL: conference, seminary, workshop, webinar, course, training and support.    TARGET : doctor as cardiac and vascular surgeon, dentist and dental technician  ,bioengineer and bioinformatic.      
      3. RESEARCH PROJECTS : interdisciplinary projects with partners as Universities, Hospitals, Companies.           
        SERVICES :                                                                                                                
                A)  3D PRINT Anatomical Replica Patient Specific Medical Device for clinical use in diagnosis and theraphy with accurancy as aortic abdominal and thoracic aneurism, aortic arc, vessels, heart and valves like mitral, pediatric heart, meningioma tumor  in neurosurgeon, orthopedic, craniotomy and maxilla facial.                
      4.      B)  Bioengineering Coupled Multiphisic Simulation Report Hemodinamic in abdominal and arc aortic aneurysm, carotid arterie, mitral valve, coronary arteries,cerebral aneurysm.               
      5.   C)  Project Management help to realize your idea.
      6.  D)  Dental FEA is finite element analysis for dentist, dental technician and dental implants productors.
      7. STRUMENTS AND SOFTWARE :                                             
            Dental Scanner /  Dental CAD software.  VRMesh Software Reseller.          
      8. ENABLING NETWORK is advantage plus for enabling customers.  
      9. JOIN WITH ENABLING :                                                                            
        Talent and motivate engineer, research , software developer are welcome ! Send resume and cover letter please.
      10.  Enabling Digital Dentistry was member of NAFEMS The International Association for Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community .
      11. Project management : Enabling help to realize your idea : innovazione al servizio delle persone.Enabling Digital Dentistry offre consulenza a dentisti , odontotecnici , medici specialisti , bioingegneri , bioinformatici che richiedono formazione e cultura digitale in campo dentale e medicale  customizzando strumenti e software. Il nostro servizio di Project Management, assiste il cliente nelle fasi di avviamento, pianificazione , sviluppo , monitoraggio e completamento del progetto innovativo. Dall'idea alla commercializzazione , passando dalle fasi di prototipazione e validazione con tutela della proprietà intellettuale.