MDS500 Dental Scanner

A single scanner model for all needs. Usable, both for the design of the most complex bridges, implants and bars that require the highest precision, and in the scanning of impressions and models for orthodontics.maestro3d

The accuracy of the scanner is where it all starts

maestro3d fast

Super fast scan

You can define your own scanning strategies or use predefined strategies. Acquisition of a single 3D photo in 2,5 seconds.

maestro3d trust

Accuracy less than 8 microns

To achieve these levels of accuracy, Maestro 3D scanners use dual 5.0 MegaPixel stereo cameras and professional zero distortion optics. Only with quality certified hardware can these levels of precision and accuracy be achieved.

maestro3d  MDS500 Dental Scanner  Smart Reduction of Triangles

maestro3d easy

Easy to use

The scanner is equipped with an internal control board that manages all the peripherals: projector, cameras, motors, sensors, etc. This choice allows the scanner to be a tool independent of the user's PC. It is not necessary to install third-party software or drivers on the PC, in order to prevent malfunctions due to an update of the operating system or the installation of other software that may create conflict with the scanner peripherals. The scanner is PLUG-PLAY and connects to the PC with only one USB 3.0 cable. Installation is simple and takes less than 1 minute.

maestro3d smart

Intelligent impression scanning

Equipped with a special holding arm, the real revolution lies in the scanning software. The user only needs to indicate to the scanner a point of view through which the impression is correctly seen, the scanner thinks of the rest! Using a good starting point and scanning strategies built for impression scanning, the software automatically generates the positive model from the impression.

maestro3d  MDS500 dental scanner  easy dental scan  smart impression scanning